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IST 19/822 Finding Yourself and Liking It!

8th June 2019
at Dunchurch Village Hall

IST 19/822 Finding Yourself and Liking It!

Tutor: Sandy Chubb

Date: 8th June 2019

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Dunchurch Village Hall

Type of Event: IST Days

Places Available: 20

An IST with Sandy Chubb, Authentic Sanbo-Zen Teacher, Albion Yoga Teacher and BWY Teacher

The day is aimed at those who wish to deepen their spirituality through attentive awareness of the breath, stillness, breath focussed relaxation and meditation.

This IST Day will awaken students to the hidden ground of yoga, enabling students to quieten the mind through concentration on the breath and experience self forgetfulness in asana, pranayama and meditation.  There will be opportunities to listen, discuss and share the experience of stillness through meditation practice which will enable students to recognise the mutuality of the sacred through listening and see how compassion arises naturally through the practice of quietening the mind.


Outline Plan for the Day

10.00am Welcome and Introduction

10.10am Talk on the potential of each of us to discover our true self through yoga and meditation

10.30am The practice of an integrated asana sequence including: breath focussed warm ups and standing poses, balances, floor postures, twists, backbends, forward bends, and relaxation followed by pranayama practice for at least 10 minutes. Students are then invited to explore the optimum way to sit in seated meditation so that they are able to remain still. A meditation practice focussing on silence in the breath follows and lasts for at least 15 minutes.

12.30pm Questions and Answers

LUNCH 1-1.30pm

1.30pm Listening exercises in pairs to explore 
a) the difficulties of listening
b) the difficulties of forgetting the self

2.00pm Discussion and questions and answers. Invitation to students to recognise the gleams of the sacred they heard from their partners and to explore how compassion arises through practice. Discuss availability of books mentioned as teaching materials.

2.45pm Tea

3.00pm Students return to listening and speaking in pairs about how they intend to bring the lessons they learnt in the day into their teaching followed by discussion.

3.20pm A reminder of why breath focussed yoga and meditation are compassionate practices.

3.30pm Meditation.


4.00pm CLOSE

About the Tutor

Sandy Chubb was Director of The Prison Phoenix Trust, the charity she first joined in 1989 to teach yoga to young offenders at HMYOI Aylesbury. She is a qualified Albion Yoga Teacher and British Wheel of Yoga Teacher and spent 25 years teaching in prisons and secure hospitals all over the UK, Ireland and abroad. She left The PPT in 2010 to become an Assistant Zen Teacher with Sanbo Zen school of Meditation, Kamakura, Japan, and in 2013 was accredited as an Authentic Sanbo-Zen Teacher. She teaches Zen at the Oxford Zen Centre each week, and abroad. She has practised zen meditation since 1984. She co-authored Becoming Free Through Meditation and Yoga, Freeing The Spirit Through Yoga and Meditation and Yoga Without Words, books sent free on request to prisoners and prison officers to help them in their daily practice. She teaches a weekly yoga and meditation class on Oxfordshire.

Other Information

Please bring yoga mat, at least two blocks or meditation cushion, and your lunch. 

Early bird discount is available provided you book and pay by Saturday 27 April 2019.


Dunchurch Village Hall
Rugby Road
CV22 6PN


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About Sandy Chubb

BWY and Albion Yoga Teacher for many years. Zen Meditation Teacher authorized by Sanbo Zen International. Former Director of The Prison Phoenix Trust offering yoga and meditation behind bars and co-author of 3 books for prisoners.