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Acts of Kindness

Small Acts of Kindness: Free Yoga Classes to those in need.


In these times of Covid-19, we have all felt overwhelmed and in need of a little kindness at times. The healing benefits of Yoga are universal and can help to alleviate the ongoing stress and anxiety we are experiencing both as individuals and in our communities.

This initiative involves BWY teachers offering their time, passion and expertise in the spirit of seva or service. The first principle of Yoga is ahimsa, kindness to self and others. To help others in these times of Covid-19 is a precious thing indeed.

These classes are particularly aimed at individuals in the following vulnerable groups but all are welcome:

* those who have mental health concerns

* older adults who may face isolation

*Those suffering from domestic abuse

*Front line and NHS staff

*Marginalised groups

*those facing financial insecurity

 The holistic and healing path of Yoga has numerous benefits such as:

improving physical and mental well-being

helping reduce stress and anxiety

fostering a sense of community and connection

What’s Available?

We have over 50 different classes available weekly and a range of different styles to suit everybody

How will I access the classes?

 The classes will be livestreamed via Zoom and no previous experience in yoga is necessary. 


Please have a look at the timetable linked below and if you are interested in any classes email or call the teacher directly who will be able to give you the necessary information and get you booked on. Prior to the class you will need to complete a short health questionnaire which will be sent to you by the teacher.

  This is completely confidential and simply provides the teacher with information on any health concerns that they need to be aware of.


If you are having any issues contacting a teacher please who will be able to help you.


We do hope you find these classes nourishing and beneficial at this very difficult time

Please Click here for Timetable

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