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The Spine

17th April 2021
at Online

The Spine

Tutor: Gary Carter

Date: 17th April 2021

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: Online

Type of Event: CPD Days

Places Available: 0

The Spine - An Organ in its own Right

Aims of the Morning:

  1. To educate and bring an understanding of the Spinal Structure. 
  2. To explain the relationship of the spine and the breath. 
  3. An initial look at the form, function, and 3D structure of the spine. 
  4. To take spinal movement and responses deeper into our practice. 



A better understand of the spine - 

  1. Its anatomy
  2. The spine and the breath related to Yoga
  3. The spine and the body rhythms - peristalysis, cranio-sacral, heart


Aims of the Afternoon:

  1. To explore the rhythmic qualities of the spine. 
  2. To look at the form, function and 3D structure of the spine. 
  3. To take spinal movement and responses deeper into our practice. 



  1. A full 3D understanding of the spine.
  2. A deeper understanding of the fluid spine.
  3. A light freer spine in postures.



Note Early Bird tickets are available for BWY members for this event.

Zoom details will be sent out nearer the day for all attendees.



Via Zoom
Via Zoom


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About Gary Carter

Gary is a well known, highly respected teacher of Yoga with over 25 years of experience in movement physical training, anatomical study and bodywork practices.. He has lectured extensively on the anatomy of Yoga in the UK, Europe and America. He founded Natural Bodies movement & education, dedicated to teaching, training and encouraging kinaesthetic awareness, ease of movement and efficient body use. Gary's yoga background is based on the work and approach of Vanda Scaravelli which was not so much about executing postures but cultivating the conditions that allow the body’s natural intelligence to awaken.