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Pranayama in Perspective with Philip Xerri

6th February 2022

Pranayama in Perspective with Philip Xerri

Tutor: Philip XERRI

Date: 6th February 2022

Time: 10:00 - 16:00

Location: ONLINE via ZOOM

Type of Event: CPD

Places Available: 0

There seems to be little logical, structured, developmental teaching or practice of Pranayama that covers the vast array of control, conditioning and attunement processes leading up to Classical Kumbhaka. And yet, there does exist such a structure spread over 5 general phases :
FOUNDATIONS - Control of the breath, Maximizing the potential of the lungs Initial attunement of the subtle anatomy
DEVELOPMENTAL - Holistic development of body, emotions, mind and spirit with the introduction of rhythmical breathing.
ALIGNMENT - Harmonisation of the Koshas
PURIFICATION - Of Surya and Chandra Nadis via rhythmical alternation of the breath through the nostrils and application of Bandhas
CLASSICAL - the eight Kumbhakas.
The Day will give a ‘bird’s eye’ view and experience of the FIVE PHASES via lecture and practice. The Day will be ‘workshop’ style – an explanation of the particular phase giving an understanding of its physical and energetic aims followed by a practical application of one or more practices taken from that phase. The Day will also include integrated Asana and Relaxation practices.




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About Philip XERRI

Philip began practicing Yoga in the 70's with Philip Jones in Cardiff. He 'fell in love' with Pranayama and went to India to study with Dr. Swami Gitananda. He studied Comparative Religions at Lancaster University and in 1984 founded Yoga Quests. To date Philip travels extensivly teaching on all aspects of Pranayama WS3 5DZ