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"Yoga Modules are an ideal way to not only deepen your knowledge of specialised areas of practice and teaching but also to gain CPD points!
The usual favourites are on offer but there are also new courses fresh faced and keen, ready to take you into new in roads of understanding. Our first Ayurveda Module since 2014 will be running, there are two new exciting Yoga Therapy Modules, a Module just for Back pain and more.
I hope you all find new inspiration with the new dynamic teams that are injecting life into the BWY and we look forward to working with you this year. Yours in Yoga."
Tarik Dervish, Modules Officer

A Module is a programme of Study that gives you an opportunity to study a particular aspect of Yoga more deeply.
We have an enormous range of subjects on offer and courses run at different times of the year in different locations around the country.
There are four types of Modules:
Personal Development Modules (PDM) are created for everyone with at least 6 months experience of Yoga to enjoy.
Teacher Training Modules (TT) are only for existing Yoga teachers of any tradition wishing to work with special groups like Pregnancy, Prisons or Cancer or who want to learn how to teach a particular skill in their classes.
Diploma Modules (DM) are for graduate BWY Certificate holders who want to upgrade their qualification to a full Diploma or existing Diploma holders who want to refresh their knowledge of the subject.
Weekend Modules (WM) are designed to run over long weekends or two or three days and are designed to immerse students in a learning experience that has been quality assured by the BWY.
Below you will find a comprehensive list of courses on offer though the courses may not be currently running. Please contact the tutor directly to find out when the next course is scheduled to run.
Please click on the link below to find out about upcoming Modules.

May your studies be full and fruitful.
If you have any questions about this provision, do not hesitate to contact me at and I will help you if I can.
PDM: Personal Development Module: Open to any experienced student or Yoga teacher.
TT: Teacher Training Module: Open to all qualified Yoga teachers of any tradition.
DM: Diploma Module: Open to BWY Certificate Yoga teachers or above.
WM: Weekend Modules: Open to any experienced Yoga student or Yoga teacher.
Anatomy of
Andrea Newman
Ayurveda Tarik Dervish and Cathy Mae Karelse
Cancer Kari Knight
Chair Yoga Richard Kravetz
Christiane Kerr
Children under 11 Jenny Watson
Clare Yates
Foundations in
Yoga Therapy
Judy Sampath
Insomnia Judy Sampath
Meditation Martin Vermasse
Petra Coveney
Mindfulness for
Nikki Jackson
Mindfulness for
Kate Bigelow
Post Natal
Judy Cameron
Janet Bond
Pranayama and
Sarah O Connor

Judy Cameron
Wendy Teasdill
Prisons Phoenix Trust Sandy Chubb Sam Settle
Yoga of Sound Mr and Mrs Brilliant
Yoga Therapy Foundation for Chronic Health Conditions Nikki Jackson
Meditation Kay Baxter

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