Taking your teaching further

Discover a wealth of knowledge and training opportunities. You do not need to be a BWY trained yoga teacher to benefit from our fantastic range of CPD events and modules – everyone, from any school of yoga, is welcome to join us in professional development.

Whether you’re a yoga teacher or student, if you’re looking for training opportunities that help you broaden your knowledge or specialise in a particular area, these could be for you.

Whether you pick a CPD day or a full-on module, you’ll deepen your understanding of aspects of yoga.







These training programmes are for you if you’re a yoga student or teacher keen to develop in a specific area of yoga learning, potentially developing your niche as a teacher.

A module can be as short as a 12-hour training over a weekend or up to 60 hours over six months. Some modules form the foundations of further training such as yoga therapy. BWY teaching members will automatically gain CPD points from modules they complete.

There are three methods of delivery for modules:

  • in-person courses happen regularly around the UK
  • online or as a combination of in-person and live online tutorials
  • distance learning means you can access the tutorials and complete the assignments around your own timetable.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Once you have qualified as a yoga teacher it is important to keep learning for your personal and professional development.

BWY offers both CPD days and courses (modules) to enable you to explore new subjects and expand your knowledge.

You do not need to be a BWY teaching member to attend and benefit from CPD training. Many CPD days are open to non-members.

Our modules are a form of approved professional development, as are many of our training days, where you see CPD in the event title.


Distance Learning Opportunities

Distance learning is the most flexible way of studying and would suit you if:

  • you’re juggling a busy life and need flexible study times
  • you are not able to attend training days in person
  • you are not keen to commit to set dates for training.

There are specialised yoga topics on offer via Distance Learning, they require approximately six hours of study time, typically spread over two to six weeks. Materials are provided electronically (as email attachments or via Dropbox / WeTransfer links) and assessment is through submission of worksheets or short assignments.

Examples of topics on offer: Ayurveda and Yoga, Bhagavad Gita, Preparing for Pranayama, Introducing Chakras, Integrating Prana Vayus and Mudras in Class, The Pelvic Floor in Yoga Practice for Pregnancy, Labour and Post-partum.

There are also full courses on offer via Distance Learning including: Foundation course 1.


Teaching Gentle Years Yoga (GYY)

BWY offers specialist training in Teaching Gentle Years Yoga. This course is approved and regulated by Ofqual as a level 4 certificate and is a comprehensive, evidence-based course, that teaches yoga techniques to improve physical and mental health in older adults. The course also covers the impact of ageing, the motivators and barriers that older people face, the physiology of older adults and age-related conditions, and the ethical and legal responsibilities of teaching them, including safeguarding adults.

GYY classes help students to develop tools and techniques for supporting independent living, such as falls prevention. They also encourage mental stimulation, focus and calming activities to promote a sense of overall wellbeing. The dharana (focusing) activities can be invigorating and fun, and teachers are encouraged to build in an after-class social time which helps to reduce social isolation.


Collaborating with Dr Yogi

BWY members receive a 25% discount when they study anatomy and physiology online with Dr Yogi (aka Andrew McGonigle). And many BWY student teachers study with him on their yoga teacher training courses too.


Yoga Therapy

Yoga therapy is the application of yoga techniques, personalised to meet the needs of an individual.

All yoga is therapeutic and aims to help a student reach their full potential and so flourish fully. It has many tools, including postures, breathing and relaxation techniques, as well as mindfulness and meditation.

Yoga therapy occurs when a yoga therapist works with a student or small group of students with the aim of addressing a health issue, be it physical, emotional, or mental, specific to the needs of the individual student or the group.


No, you do not need to be a BWY trained teacher to sign up for a BWY module. Modules are designed to support experienced yoga practitioners and teachers alike. Some modules are only for yoga teachers but others are open to all. Please request a full prospectus to find out about the entry criteria for each programme. If you are not a BWY member, you will join our community as part of your registration.

Modules are designed to support experienced yoga practitioners and teachers alike. Some modules are only for yoga teachers but others are open to all. Please request a full prospectus to find out about the entry criteria for each programme. If you are not a BWY member, you will need to pay a guest membership which is (currently £20) which enables you to do the course but you will not have access to the other benefits of BWY membership. We encourage you to join the BWY for just £42 for a whole year to take full advantage of BWY provision.

Everyone is welcome to attend CPD event days, you do not need to have received any teacher training or even be a BWY member. Do read the event description carefully, in case the event focuses heavily on teaching themes which may not suit your learning ambitions.

Modules may require participants to have received some in-depth training in yoga or a related subject. Please ask the tutor directly as it will depend on the subject matter.

BWYQ qualifications are regulated by the Office for Qualifications and Examinations Regulation (Ofqual) and are bench marked to national educational standards.

The regulated BWYQ Certificate, Diploma, and Gentle Years Yoga qualifications require level 4 attainment and are therefore equivalent to a HNC/ first year of a Foundation degree. This is the highest level of yoga teacher training currently available in the UK.

BWY recommends that teachers complete modules in specialist areas such as pregnancy yoga or yoga for children before offering specialist classes. There are additional safeguarding requirements if you are teaching vulnerable adults or children.

All BWY modules offer to increase your knowledge and understanding of a subject area, enabling you to teach a workshop or short course confidently.

Some subject areas may be of interest for personal reasons so you can improve your own practice or life balance from your enhanced understanding of the subject.

As a yoga teacher, trained through a different organisation, you can become a BWY member for just £42 per year, and enjoy access to our wide range of professional and personal development days and modules, regular online member sessions from leading industry experts, our magazine Spectrum, discounts on yoga books, clothes and accessories, and an invitation to all our community events.