Developing your talent and skills

When you train as a yoga teacher with us, our BWY career pathway can open up for you. In any profession we want to keep on top of our field and develop – yoga is no different. At BWY we have a professional development programme for teaching members, offering modules, Ofqual Level 4 courses, CPD opportunities at events in-person and online and distance learning courses.
Use our handy Yoga Search and Training Search tools to discover a wealth of learning opportunities across the UK.

Find your niche

For those of you interested in developing a teaching specialism, we have a suite of approved modules, supporting your professional development. From pre-natal to menopause, from yin to yoga for people with cancer and teaching in prisons, we have courses for you.

Share your passion

When you’re established as a yoga teacher you can go on to deliver the courses you enjoyed as a student with BWY. Whether you would like to teach a CPD event, module, Foundation Course or Teacher Training, keep reading to find out how.

What will be your next step?

Become a CPD Tutor

BWY has thousands of yoga teachers within its membership eager to develop their talents as teachers through Continuing Professional Development.

If you’ve got a niche you’d like to develop into a BWY training day, read the guidance on becoming a BWY CPD Officer and download the form using the buttons below to submit your application to the CPD Officer.

Become a Modules Tutor

Got a niche you’d like to develop into a BWY Module? These short courses usually develop from successful CPD days, through development into short courses for teachers. To discover more, get in touch with our Modules Officer.

Become a Foundation Course Tutor*

When your yoga class students are eager to learn more than you can teach in a class, a Foundation course is an ideal solution– why not train to be that Foundation Course Tutor?

Covering practical and theory, the course content is based on the eight limbs of Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, as well as history, different paths of yoga and pranic anatomy.

You can choose to offer the course in-person, online or by distance learning in a time frame that suits you and your students.

To discover when the next trainings are running and get a prospectus, contact the Foundation Course Tutor Training Officer.

Become a Diploma Course Tutor*

If you’d like to share your expertise and teaching experience by training the next generation of yoga teachers, you can become a BWY Diploma Course Tutor.

As a BWY teacher, you’ll need five years-plus teaching experience for this course. Once you’ve graduated you can offer our suite of teacher training courses.

To discover when the next trainings are running and get a prospectus,, contact the Diploma Course Officer.

*BWY gives preference to BWY Diploma Teachers for these courses. BWY Certificate Teachers, Accredited Teachers and Recognised Teachers wishing to train as a Foundation Course Tutor or Diploma Course Tutor must either complete the BWYQ L4 Diploma upgrade course or demonstrate significant further study in philosophy, pranayama and meditation if they do not have BWYQ Diploma. It is generally preferred teachers are FCTs before becoming DCTs, although occasional exceptions can be made. All candidates should have at least five years teaching experience.