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Yoga Therapy Teacher Training

Information about the centre and courses:

Yoga Focus was established in 1998, to provide therapeutic yoga for NHS physical and mental health departments and for community health services. The director, Nikki Jackson, has worked in The NHS as both an Occupational Therapist and Yoga Therapist since 1992 and has many years of experience working directly with people suffering from a variety of physical and mental chronic health conditions.

In 2014 Yoga Focus created The BWY Foundation Module in Yoga Therapy for Chronic Health Conditions. This module continues to run each year and now forms the first stage of the full Yoga Therapy Training course, currently under accreditation by The British Council of Yoga Therapy and leading  to a qualification as a Professional Yoga Therapist. The courses are as follows:

Stage One: 50 hour Foundations in Yoga Therapy (6 months) level 3 National Qualifications Framework (NQF)
leading to....
Stage Two: 500 hour Teacher training in Yoga Therapy (18 months) level 3 and 4 NQF

The training course relates closely to Nature’s healing capacity and the natural life process. All trainings are held in venues with natural surroundings and beautiful countryside. There will be plenty of opportunities to walk and reflect in natural environments for personal healing which is considered an essential part of becoming an effective Yoga Therapist. The venues include:

The Mandala Ashram, South Wales

Holycombe Retreat Centre, Warwickshire

The Cotswolds

The training will emphasise teachings from The Dharma and the Buddhist Mindful Compassionate Based Approach as a fundamental healing resource. Traditional healing yoga practises from India and Tibet will be merged with scientific medical evidence, neuroscience and up to date psychological therapeutic interventions. An extensive variety of physical and mental health conditions will be explored both in seminars and through case studies.

The course emphasises ‘no one cure fits all’ with a ‘person centred’ approach. Student Yoga Therapists will gain further knowledge, skill and confidence in assessing clients thoroughly, implementing therapy and evaluating outcomes. Yoga therapists are not there to fix, cure and treat clients but instead to emphasise the mind and body’s natural capacity to heal themselves. The body is wise and if respected and nurtured, will use its memory to find its way back to its core roots of health.

Yoga Therapists support and guide clients in their journey to unravel the underlying causes behind their pain, their suffering and their ill health. They help clients to let go of their angers and fears, delusions and attachments. This enables their clients to see clearly to make the changes in their life that will enable them to return to their natural inner Self. This leads to a happier, healthier and more natural life.

Nikki Jackson is the lead trainer drawing from her occupational therapy training and experience in psychiatry and medicine as well as her lifelong dedication and training in Yoga and Yoga Therapy. Her work as a yoga therapist includes NHS Occupational Health Department for staff health and wellbeing, for a variety of ward settings and for the private sector. She is a Mindfulness for Health Trainer (BAMBA listed) and leads courses on Mindfulness for Stress and also for Pain. She is joined by a small team of experienced yoga therapists and The Mandala Ashram teachers who will be providing authentic teachings from ancient texts and practises which complement the healing nature of the training course.

Once qualified, graduates will be well placed to work within rehabilitation services for NHS departments, Social Services, Occupational Health departments (NHS and private sector), Health Charities, Private Practise and many more.
For more information, please contact Nikki Jackson at:

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