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Yoga United Education Yoga Therapy

Yoga United Education

Address: London 
Places available: Yoga Therapy workshops, courses & diploma training 

Information about the centre and courses:

A warm welcome to Yoga United Education’s Yoga Therapy Diploma course!

Yoga United Education was founded by Judy Hirsh Sampath. Her mission is to inspire those who love engaging with student-centred learning, who wish to share the transformative power of yoga with others, to become powerful agents for change in the world and to connect with a like-minded community.

Her vision came from a deep understanding of her own embodied wisdom and understanding the language of the body. She says ‘the truth is that you already hold the wisdom and the insight; in fact, you may have already chosen this path because you have found yourself here on this page. As you tune into the language of your body, you start to tend to your relationship with Self and remember who you are. In turn, you can support others doing the same. From that deep well of understanding and acceptance through yoga therapy, we can spread yoga and yoga therapy out into our communities like a virus and infect the world with a renewed shift towards healing.

The Yoga United Yoga Therapy Diploma training is 550+ hours over 18 months. Our sensitive and intuitive approach encourages our trainees to develop their own unique style of yoga therapy with confidence and authenticity. You will learn and practice to become sensitive to the individual health seekers, truth seekers and wisdom holders who are looking for guidance. You will learn to witness them as they reclaim their power to heal, and become pro-active in their own process. Both 1-2-1 and small group therapy is covered.

The 10 modules include scientific understanding of the body’s systems and related conditions, experiential anatomy, philosophy into action, psychology of behaviour, cognition and consciousness. There are modules on Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with the US founder and faculty, Prana Shakti Yoga Therapy with Uma Dinsmore-Tuli and Ayurveda with Tarik Dervish.

With marketing skills to guide trainees to success, we have constructed a full and enriching educational experience - with ongoing practice sessions, assessment, mentoring, supervision and case studies.

Comprises 10 modules - Module 1 is a foundational 50 hours course, quality-assured as a BWY module. Meet and greet your Self in readiness to inspire others on their healing journey. We will explore multiple perspectives through which we can understand health, dis-ease and wholeness - ayurvedic perspectives on anxiety, anger & depression, back pain to explore physical/mind/emotional connections, vulnerability and protection, releasing lower back tension, embodied anatomy and communication skills

We aim to create a safe and inclusive space in which to share knowledge, experiences, insights, and practices that support the learning process. By keeping groups small, we ensure that everyone is included in deep learning with their tutors and peers, and support ongoing community which is continually growing.

Guidance comes from inside as well as from experts in their fields, and that’s education! So let’s celebrate the power of yoga therapy together. Connect Here

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